The Fundamentals of Increasing Productivity and Sales

In a recent survey, we asked dozens of managers what they do to ensure their sales teams are more productive. The key to high-productivity sales, according to these experienced sales managers who provided feedback on the survey was action. Visit Privyr App before reading this.

Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Never misunderstand motion for action.” In sales, this is very true! It is possible to be on the move, but nowhere. Move forward in a productive way by taking action.

These activities are essential: planning, preparing, conducting research, refining value propositions, creating presentations, etc. But without a response from customers or prospects, these activities are irrelevant.

The best sales professionals are those who take initiative when others do not and will.

Our sales professionals, with whom we are working to develop their skills in selling, agree intellectually with the methods and techniques we practice and outline. In order to achieve better results, the best salespeople immediately use these concepts, skills and techniques in the call. The majority of them make sales. Other people make excuses not to use the tools, are busy and surprised that sales do not happen.

Concentrating on the basic principles is an important part of sales success.

Michael Jordan, an undisputed example of exceptional sportsmanship, once said “You need to constantly monitor your basic fundamentals because they will only change if you pay attention to them.” The fundamentals are never going to change.

This is also true for our professional career: to maximize our business productivity, it’s important to focus on the basics of good communication, preparation, follow-up, etc. The fundamentals are timeless and universal.

Would you like to boost your success and sales? The secret is to go beyond the motion. Do not be afraid to take action, but do it consistently and with purpose. Focus on the basics!

How can you improve your chances of success in the coming week by using today‚Äôs fundamentals? Tell us in the comment section. Now “just do it!”

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