Painting at Home: Learn How to Do it!

As I said in my article ( Do you have any creative bones in your body? ), painting is an art and there are some fundamental requirements to learning new skill. There are certain fundamentals to learn or any skill. Do not worry, these are the basic skills you have already acquired. They were probably taught to you by pastel painting ideas. Now all that remains is to improve and perfect them.

The requirements that I am referring to are patient and passion towards learning (or in more specific terms, passion for anything creative) as well as guidance by someone wiser or with more experience than you. When combined, these three characteristics are a deadly combination for learning any skill.

Do you think that this means enrolling in local classes of art or the nearest college for art is a good idea?

Not at all. It’s not worth it unless you get free lessons. You can learn from my “self-taught”, self-made artist experience. Without ever attending an art class, I have developed my own painting business. This is possible. Let me make one clarification before we start. I do not mean to say that I was “self taught” but that I used the knowledge I gained from magazines, books etc. Although you will need instruction, there are many free resources available to help. These range from online tutorials and your local library.

First, I will explain to you why youshould be learning to paint. Then I’ll give you some tips on how you can learn at home. Skip the next part if you already know what to do.

What are the benefits of painting?

Have you seen a child, perhaps in a buggy, become hypnotised when a wind-blown tree passes by? What is the fascination? Adults are often too preoccupied with their work, money, and mortgage to pay attention. On our daily commute to work, or when we run errands, we pass that tree. It’s green. Its trunk is brown. Right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Baby sees it. Artists can also see. It is possible to learn it yourself.

The tree’s trunk is not em>brown/em>…see how the sunset turns the bark gold and then pink? See how the bark turns gold at sunset and pink when the trunk changes colour?

You will learn to view the world in a completely new light by learning how to paint. A painter captures the light as colour. They must be able to detect these small differences. Each time I go outside I admire the shapes and colours of the cloud… have you noticed them lately? The clouds play a vital role in the earth’s life.

You still doubt? Now let’s start.