Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the oldest form of healing that has been discovered. In all societies and tribes there has been some form or other of spiritual healing. This includes our Druid tradition and spirit of healing, North American Medicine man and wise women who held a special position in every tribe. They helped heal the sick and guide the tribe through times of crisis and life and death. Many people have lost faith in traditional religions and there has been an increase in interest for spirituality in recent times. Visit our website and learn more about washington ayahuasca retreat.

Spirituality is the broadest definition of spirituality. It involves the exploration, the awareness, and the integration spirit with our other mental, emotional, and physical sides in order to achieve balance, harmony and wholeness in our lives. Spirit is the part of our soul that is eternally unique and is always with us. Spiritually, however, we are linked to all life forms in an interpersonal way. Each is a vital component of the whole. People can explore their spirituality without having to hold any religious beliefs. Instead, they can view the spiritual experience humanistically, as the link between all of life, nature, animals, and people.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing refers to the channelling of healing energy through the healer and the patient. It helps patients relax and re-energize their bodies to help them heal from injuries or illnesses. A healer uses the hands to direct energy. This helps to restore the body’s natural healing capabilities and to address the problem as best as possible. The healer asks that healing is channelled from Spirit or God, the highest level, of light. Contrary to faith healing, the patient does not need faith in the healer in order for healing processes to occur.

Spiritual healing has many benefits

If you feel out of harmony in your body, mind, and spirit, spiritual healing may be beneficial. It can be used for any kind of illness, injury, or stress. There are no restrictions as to what type of healing the patient needs. The Spirit of each patient receives exactly the healing it requires to heal the body or mind it occupies. Healing happens in the way it is needed. It can be beneficial in many different physical and psychological conditions. All these cases show that spiritual healing was a key component of the patient’s recovery.

Spiritual healing does not have side effects and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. The healer doesn’t touch anyone and is therefore completely non-invasive. The healer holds the hands of the patient about a foot away from their bodies while they channel healing.

Absent Healing

Spiritual healing is available to anyone who asks. If the healing is requested from one person to another, the healing chain will begin between the person who requested the healing, the person asking for it, and Spirit. Spiritual healing is not required of the person. Every person who needs healing is recorded in a book that has been created specifically for this purpose. The healer can periodically read every name that is added to the book and ask Spirit for spiritual healing. Each person is placed on the absent healing waiting list for one month. Any healing required is done then. Numerous cases of miraculous healing have been documented using absent healing. This is even when the receiver of spiritual healing wasn’t aware that he/she was being healed.

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