Prepare Your Hardwood Floor Installation

The hardwood flooring installation can be done at the client’s home or your own click this. It is important that you know how to properly level the floor to ensure it will last for years. Preparing a subfloor is necessary.Installing any kind of floor (particularly hardwood) starts with the subfloor. The only way to accurately determine your leveling methods and the quantity of materials needed is by carefully inspecting subfloor.

Due to the high cost of hardwood floors, clients always prepare a budget. The cost of materials and installation are also important to them. They don’t like being “surprised”, when they find out that their money will be spent on leveling. The homeowners are able to save more money by not spending as much on installation.It is important to get the customer’s permission to remove old flooring. The old flooring could be carpet, vinyl cork, old wood, tile or even linoleum. It is important to persuade the client you must remove all the old flooring before installing the hardwood. The only way you can identify the problems with your subfloor and fix them quickly is to remove all old flooring.

Sometimes, a customer will instruct you not to remove the old hardwood floor and instead place the new flooring directly on top. Measure the height of floor level to see how this will affect opening and closing doors or docking other types of flooring such as tiles.Tell the customer if you think that a customer could give old hardwood a new lease of life. So, a homeowner can make significant savings on upgrading their home. Keep in mind that floor installers with integrity always get paid more.

Now let’s get back to the very first step of installation. The leveling process should be performed every time. Although it may have been done in the past, the house continues to move and shrink. Besides, it is possible that the leveling done previously was incorrect.Pour the floor leveling material into deep holes slowly. Pour the floor leveling compound in several small layers. Each time use primer. Once the primer is dry, continue with filling and/or installing hardwood.

The layers you make will be loosely coupled if there is no primer. They will look similar to a McDonald’s Cheeseburger after installation. The floor will soon crumble if the material is poured into the deep pit all at once.Each subfloor type has different conditions, floor-leveling materials and methods. After you’ve mastered these skills and techniques, all of your work will look better and be more reliable.

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